cewe bule yg tergoda(kisah nyata)

Just knowing that I’m in the car driving the 4 miles or so, to get there, I start to relax. Usually I turn on the radio and find something that makes me feel like moving. Funny thing about the music….it’s a big part of the whole thing for me. It doesn’t have to be anything in particular. Mostly I like listening to rock. The beat of the music is what I relate to…it’s one of the things that, when I remembered my sexuality, brought me back to it. Music can make me feel sexy- At one point, I’d almost forgotten this.
Tonight as I drove Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Californication was the first song I heard. I can never figure out the lyrics, but I like this song….
Then Creed, Higher, which has been totally over-played, but I still think Scott Stapp is a sexy creature with a wonderful voice. Don’t laugh when I admit that together we sound terrific! Right as I started making the Uturn, Stone Temple Pilots, Creed “Take Time with a wounded hand cause it likes to heal…”- oh the music was down and dirty tonight….another Scott….this one an ex (is there such a thing?) heroin addict. I think most people would hear the lyrics and say this is an ugly song, but I like it – I like the music, and I like the harshness of the lyrics-
I had to sit in the parking lot to hear the end of that one….but while I’m listening, I get my little sunglasses out, and my lotion, and in a minute, I am ready to tan.
Oh yes.
I go inside and there are 3 or 4 kids behind the counter. So I give one of them my name, they look me up on the computer, ask me how much time (which is 18 minutes), and I head off into room #7 as per their instructions. It’s late, 9:30-ish, and the place is very quiet.
I check the timer in the room as I lock the door behind me. I hate to get undressed and then notice it didn’t set right.
It says 18 so I turn on the radio in the bed first.
Eagles, “Hotel California” (another California song this one from my youth) is playing.
And I undress.
I’m wearing shorts and a tshirt. Under I have bra and panties…just plain white and lacy – I leave those on. I like the tan lines-

It’s cold tonight! I love it when it starts out cold.

I put my lotion on quickly, and then the glasses and hit the start button before getting into the bed.
I lie back on the little pillow,a shiver for the coldness, and pull the top down over me, inviting the warmth to come…

I think about you- I start to imagine that you are in the room with me and can somehow see what I’m up to in that bed-

I smile up at you.
“Yes, this is what I do here. Come. Watch me.”

My hands go to my sides at first, but it’s so cold that I reach up and touch my breasts, cupping them in my hands. I can feel, even thru the bra, that my nipples are very hard, and touching them feels so nice now.
I use my palms to tease them more, grazing over and around them in itty bitty movements.

Don Henley’s Boys of Summer comes on. Oh this is a good song too!

I imagine your eyes glued to my hands as I caress my breasts.

Gradually, my hands move lower and come to rest on the front of my panties. They cross over at the wrist.
Modest I guess; this is how I start-
Slowly, I touch myself outside the panties for a minute, feeling them get wet from my fingers just moving around and around the outside of my sex.
I slip my hands under the elastic of the panties. They aren’t crossed now – they’re side by side – one on each upper thigh. I leisurely let my fingers touch my lips. I run my fingers up and down them, aware of their smoothness, just feeling myself swell. And after a few strokes this way, I take my right hand, and let the index finger run casually up and down the slit. I don’t let it pause; I keep it moving back and forth along the length of me. And I feel myself building. Getting wet from the touch. The sensations are wonderful-

I spread my legs wider, and I can feel the right one bend at the knee sideways. I think for a second about the effect the position will have on my tan- and then I don’t care about the tan so much. I just want to have good access to my pussy…that’s what’s important to me at that moment. I once again think of you watching, and if you were, you’d be able to see everything with my legs like that. The thought of you looking right inside of me excites me more, and I let my left thumb hold open one lip. My right index finger finds my clit and stays there for a bit-rubbing in circles around and around the outside of it. My hips move in a slow rhythm with my finger. This is unconscious. And if I don’t vary the motion, I’ll cum. I want this to last longer, so I move that right finger down to my entrance. And I push gently to get it inside. Then a little more so that it’s buried in me up to my knuckle- I let the left fingers move lightly around the outside of my pussy while my right finger moves in and out. I hear the wetness. I think about you seeing me with my finger inside and I wonder if I’d do this the same if you were watching? I imagine looking into your eyes as my finger moves in and out of me. I think you’d have a gleam in them…one that would tell me to keep going.

I take out my finger and move it to my mouth.
Oh, it’s exquisite thinking of you watching me as I taste myself.
I suck on my finger marveling at my own creaminess and how good it is.
Then, wetter with my saliva, I put it back on my clit and move it back and forth.
I let my left hand move up to caress my breasts.
Meatloaf’s “On a Hot Summer Night” is on the radio….
If you were watching, I’d close my eyes now.
It’s easier to cum if I concentrate on those feelings below-
And if I look at your face, I think I might be too self-conscious or too distracted to let myself climax so easily.
My right index finger begins to circle my clit.
My left hand moves to the top of my pussy and applies gentle pressure there, pushing down and in doing so pushing my clit out more-
My hips move up and down on my finger.
The circles get smaller and smaller around my clit and the pressure gets lighter and lighter.
I feel myself at the tip of the peak ready to go over-
I arch my back into my hand.
I moan softly.
I think of how you’d be watching me so intently now- and of how hard you’d be.
I start to cum; feeling that first pulse right on my finger-
Then quickly moving that finger down the slit and inside me again to feel the rest of the orgasm…
My pussy throbs and I feel it both inside and outside.

I keep my eyes closed until it stops.
I want to concentrate on how good it feels.

Then I move my finger again to my mouth and taste myself.
I take it out and use it to trace your lips.
My eyes glued to your eyes.
“Will you show me how you do it?”, I softly purr to him.

I hear a beep and then lights go out and it’s dark.

18 minutes goes so quickly!

I’ll have to save that thought for next time.


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